Group Training

The RAW Combination FTC classes cater for every individual. Our combination training is designed to test your endurance and get you into shape. At RAW Combination FTC we create a training facility for members of the public which emulates the atmosphere and ethos of this well-respected gym.

You can also leave the gloves off and we will build you a full-on high intensity workout that will convert you into a burpees beast.

Here is what you need to know so that you are ready for round 1:

CHECK-IN: 15 minutes before class.

WEAR: Workout clothes & shoes.

BRING: yoga mat, boxing gloves, wraps and a skipping rope.

First timers, if you don’t have equipment, don’t let that stop you, as we have equipment on hand to help you start your fitness journey.

RELAX: We’ll walk you through EVERYTHING. You will complete our membership form, we will wrap your hands, and take you through a tutorial so that you feel comfortable.

Both Genders
Monday8h00 - 9h0017h30 - 18h30
Tuesday8h00 - 9h0017h30 - 18h30
WednesdayPrivates Only Privates Only
Thursday8h00 - 9h0017h30 - 18h30
Friday8h00 - 9h00N/A
Saturday9h00 - 10h00 N/A


Ladies Only
MondayRest Day
WednesdayRest Day
SaturdayRest Day 


Kids Under 16
Monday16h30 - 17h15
Tuesday16h30 - 17h15
WednesdayRest Day
Thursday16h30 - 17h15
Friday16h30 - 17h15
Saturday8h15 - 9h00

Public Holidays 9AM to 10AM

Private sessions-contact me for rates and times

Contact details- Coach Rod 0785518768

RAW Combination FTC
Address 159 Roberts Avenue Kensington Johannesburg 2101

+27 78 551 8768
8.00-10.00 and 16.30-18.30
See Group Training
Sat Afternoon and Sun Closed
159 Roberts Avenue Kensington
Gauteng, South Africa