About Us

RAW Combination Fitness Training Centre established in 2012 is South Africa’s little gem of a fitness gym in the leafy suburb of Kensington, offering a welcoming ambiance that focuses building fitness and strength through the art of combination training. At RAW Combination FTC, we incorporate the mental, physical, and emotional challenges through our training regiment and lifestyle. We provide high-energy group classes and private lessons that are designed to test your limits and help you exceed your own expectations.

RAW Combination FTC provides fitness classes which involve strength, speed, power and cardio conditioning training as well as a variety of fitness and defence skills.

Our training program is created to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and develop an amazing physique in the process.

Our trainers have extensive experience and training and are therefore able to provide you with a professional and effective workout. Our experienced trainers share a passion and love for fitness and we strive to create that mindset with our members constantly. We already have loyal committed members who have never looked back and have seen great results during their RAW Combination FTC journey.

Our coach is passionate about cultivating an environment where you the client can improve your endurance and strength. Our training program is designed to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and develop amazing physique and skills set through the art of mixed martial art techniques. We inspire to unleash the inner beast in you, that fights hard and dreams bigger. 

RAW Combination FTC helps you uncover your potential.

+27 78 551 8768
8.00-10.00 and 16.30-18.30
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Sat Afternoon and Sun Closed
159 Roberts Avenue Kensington
Gauteng, South Africa